Lyanna Barnecet, DDS

Dr. Vincent Young exemplifies excellence as an anesthesiologist, seamlessly providing outstanding care with unwavering confidence. His profound knowledge and compassionate approach ensure both patients and parents experience utmost comfort throughout their medical journey. His dedication to patient well-being truly sets him apart.

Dane Hoang, DDS

Dr. Young is simply outstanding! His remarkable speed and efficiency in addressing medical needs are matched only by his ability to create a comforting atmosphere for both parents and patients. Working alongside him, I’ve found that he not only makes it effortless for me to offer sedation dentistry, but his expertise instills in me a profound sense of assurance that my cases will progress seamlessly and without complication. Whenever minor hiccups surface, he promptly resolves them with a deft combination of medications, adjustments in positioning, or a solution he conjures up from his sleeve of experience. He’s simply exceptional at what he does, and I have complete trust in his abilities.

Ronal Fadal, DDS

Dr. Young consistently delivers exceptional service by efficiently sedating and monitoring my patients, seamlessly transitioning to support as I execute the treatment plan. His methodical approach and organizational skills ensure a smooth workflow, facilitating optimal patient care. Despite his medical expertise and years of experience, Dr. Young’s genuine enjoyment of engaging with apprehensive children shines through as he attempts to transform nervous moments into laughter-filled interactions. His dedication to both the science and art of sedation dentistry is truly commendable.